Best WordPress Premium Providers

Top 10 Best WordPress Premium Theme Providers 2016

Premium themes offer several important benefits over free themes. The most important benefit is the number of features offered by premium themes that are simply not available in free versions.  Premium themes come with a much better and cleaner code and offer better features with excellent support. The most important aspect of a Premium theme is the documentation that detail all the features and options of the theme.

8 highest paying programming languages

8 Highest Paying Programming Languages

It is difficult to learn all those languages, as a programmer, it is very important to keep one’s eyes and ears open to the emerging trends so that one doesn’t lose out on the potential opportunities. As the tech industry continues to evolve and progress, it’s important to know how to select a programming language to learn, what the best way to learn that language is, and how your choice might affect your employment future.

how to hide drives with commands

How to Hide Drives with Commands (Tricks)

Sometimes for many reasons you want to hide your Drives in your PC. There are many other ways from which you can hide a drive easily. As you know, Тhеrе аrеа sеvеrаl frее аnd duе sоftwаrе’s ассеssіblе tо hide local  drіvеs, hоwеvеr і аm nоt gоnnа mеntіоn to hіdе а local drіvе еmрlоуіng а расkаgе.